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Present activities

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Workshop Reija Karjalainen

Home of an artist

Open workshop, gallery and garden

Sunday November 5th, 12-16

Other hours upon appointment.



New partner!

visit knivsta logga



"Tree magic"

Open on Pentecost weekend!

June 3-6, 12-16

I could not resist inviting my friend Robin Marsh to this pre-summer event!

Come and be as astonished as I was when I saw and understood what could be done with a chainsaw!




Suomiart cemlebrates 40th anniversary! -

Galleri Cupido, Old Town, Stockholm

Svartmangatan 27



Vernissage May 31st, 15-19

Open June 1-10 , mon-fri 12-18, sat-sun, 13-17

(I'm there on the 9th)


New giclées!





Workshop Reija Karjalainen

Home gallery – an artist's home!

From spring 2016 as a visitor you are able to view the art in an home environnement and also be inspired by our beautiful home.


There are several ways to visit my gallery and workshop. Some do it while sipping on a drink before dinner at home or at the restaurant. Perhaps that's for the visitors from bearby. Others celebrate their loved ones or friends. I welcome both individuals and groups. Call me or send me an email to discuss it and to know more.



New partner!


Ekströms Art & Framing

Köpmangatan 5, Västerås

Minissage with this falls news!

Friday October 7th 17-19



Fall 2016!


Maybe my art has become more private than ever with my children in focus. I have read about extreme talent and all thoughts have overwhelmed me.

A wall was changed in Calles room while renovating this spring. To conceale the
plaster wall I put up a canvas that I now paint on - perhaps a wall painting or a wallpaper. Extremely fun and inspiring and I am going to explore that further.

The wonderful week in Denmark also influence me a lot. Five paintings with sandy beaches, and oceans so far...



With Rolls Gallery 2016!

Uppsala Kåbo in March, Öregrund and Vaxholm this summer.

Also probably on Cultual Night in Uppsala in September.

More information on Rolls Gallery's website


"Guest Of The Week 2015"

Öfre Slottsgatan 9, Uppsala

Vernissage March 14th, 12-15

Open: Wed 15-17, Thu 12-17, Fri-Sun 12-15



Premiere for my new giclées at Rolls in March.


"Mansion dolls", 61 x 80                      "Chocolat", 61 x 74   

Edition of40, numbered and signed



Premiere for my Party girls on

Cultual Night in Uppsala

September 13th 12PM-22PM


Reija Karjalainen top-10 at!!!



"Lanthanum, hidden in the earth"

Exhibition July 5th to 19rth

Camaver Kunsthaus – "Ancient palaces"

Villa Monastero, Varenna (Lake Como) Italy

"In the greenhouse", 65 x 68


"Portal of Enigma"

Exhibition May 16th – June 5th 2014

Vernissage May 22nd, 18-20

530 W. 25th  Street Chelsea New York City




Agora Gallery, Chelsea New York City

A new partner for the next 18 months!!!

Press release

"Reija Karjalainen’s highly stylized paintings manage to be both whimsical and mysterious. The artist depicts figures in a variety of groupings and activities almost as a cartoonist would, with bold lines, simple shapes, and the use of a "type" rather than individualized portraits. She uses charcoal in combination with oil paint to underscore her graphic lines. An airy palette and leisurely setting come together to make the overall atmosphere feel light. But though Karjalainen’s scenes are often pleasant ones of socializing and relaxing, the works are absorbing in their visual complexity. The flat planes and expressive patterns are reminiscent of Matisse, and Karjalainen’s distinctive portrait method — a three-quarter profile, one eye omitted, the mouth shunted to the edge of the face — recalls both Cubism and ancient Egyptian carvings. Since these characters have no defining features of their own, their true stories are obscured. The viewer is left to wonder, underneath the humor, exactly what is happening."

Agora Gallery, Chelsea New York City 2013


ARTISpectrum is online now! I'm on page 66!





Party dolls for sale at Agora Gallery!



Agora Gallerys' magazine ARTisSpectrum Jubilée in November 2013!

Contains an artist presentation.








Exhibition March 7-13 2014

Hornsgatan 40, Stockholm


Vernissage March 7th, 15-19


Open Saturday-Sunday 11-16

Monday-Wedensday 11-18, Thursday 11-15


"Mother and son" 65x68


New Giclée Fine Art-print!

Sale starts on March 7th at Galleri Movitz


"Paris", limited edition of 40, numbered and signed

Size 61 x 58



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